POPULACE MEBAY Controller DC40D Genset DC40D Generator Auto Start Controller Panel DC40D AUTO Start Smartgen Module Generator Controller DC40D

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number : DC40D
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight : 0.7kg

Size : 18.9*13.4*5cm

Product Description

Generator MEBAY Controller Auto Start Controller Panel Module DC40D ,This Controller DC40D can completely replace with it. – It has the function of auto mains (utility) failure control modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplies and instruct gen-sets to start when mains (utility) power is not available.


– Part of the parameters can be set, strong adaptability.
– In addition, European terminal wiring, to facilitate the installation and replacement of modules.
– Power supply: DC 8 ~ 36 V.
– Module size: 189mm * 134mm * 50mm.
– Installation opening: W165mm*H125mm.
– Working power: 12V power supply MAX: 8W.

Detail Picture


Generator Spare Parts Engine Control Module DC40D
Controll Function
Protection Function Data display
Protection Function Data display
Emergency Stop
Low-Lub oil pressure
Manual Start/stop
Charge Failure
Voltage of battery
Distance Start/Stop
Emergency STOP
Lub Oil pressure
Preheat Control
High temperature of cooling water
Operation time
Stop/idle control
High Speed/Start and stop failure

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