POPULACE MEBAY Controller DC30D Genset DC30D Generator Auto Start Controller Panel DC30D AUTO Start Smartgen Module Generator Controller DC30D

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number : DC30D
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight : 0.28kg

Size : 10.5*8.5*4.3cm

Product Description

Generator MEBAY Controller Auto Start Controller Panel Module DC30D ,This Controller Series is specialized for small diesel, gasoline, gas generator sets’start, stop,monitor and defaults checking as well as parameters setting. The controller has a point array LCD screen, can display various faults in the same time that the genset will be stopped once it can not work smoothly.

Detail Picture


Generator Control Module DC30D
working voltage
DC8V-36V Continuous
Power COnsumption
Standily:24V MAX 1W
Workong:24V MAX 2W
AC Voltage Input
1P2W 30VAC-45VAC(PH-N)
CT Secondary Current
Rate 5A
Speed sensor Frequeney input
MAX Accumulating Time
9999.9honurs(Min Store time:6min)
Switch value input
available if connecting with Battery-
Working condition
Storage condition
Overall dimension
Panel cutout

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