POPULACE Generator Deepsea Battery Charger DSE9255

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number :DSE9255
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight : 0.5kg

Size :13.6*14*6.3cm

Product Description

Diesel Generator Battery Charge 24V 5A Model 9255 DSE9255,The DSE 9255 Genset Battery Charger can be either mounted via DIN rail or to the chassis, using the fixing holes that are built into the case. The chargers stylish design includes an LED indicator on the front that shows when the charger is in a normal or overload condition. The DSE Battery Charger DSE9255 do not include any moving parts to give added durability and reliability. They will also continue to operate during cranking and running. All chargers can accept multiple AC voltage connections.


Detail Picture


Product Code
Operation Voltage
Operation Ampere
Overall Size
Bettery Charger DSE9255
136 mm x 140 mm x 63 mm (5.4″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″)

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