POPULACE Generator Cummins Speed Governor S6700E

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number :S6700E
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight : 0.7kg

Size :18.5*17*5.5cm

Product Description

Diesel Generator Electric Speed Governor S6700E Speed Controller S6700E,The S6700E Speed control Unit is an All-Electronic Device Designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response to transient load changes. Based on a closed loop control. The basic characteristics of this unit is to reach rated speed and power as well as reducing smoke exhaust through adjustment of firing fuel and speed-rate. The S6700E speed control Unit provides a series of protection once the power supply is reversely connected. Transient overvoltage or actuator fault happens, or Speed input breaks.

Detail Picture


spare parts petrol generator governor controller S6700E
Speed stablity
Better than ±0.25%
Speed range
1Khz ~ 6.5Khz
Max ± 1%
Speed sensor signal
Power input
24V DC
Actuator current range
Steady speed droop
0~3% (variable)

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