POPULACE Generator Cummins Speed Governor ESD5131

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number :ESD5131
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight : 0.6kg

Size :18*17.5*5.5cm

Product Description

Diesel Generator Electric Speed Governor ESD5131 Speed Controller ESD5131,The Generator Governor Electronic Speed Control Board ESD5131 is rugged enough to be placed in a control cabinet or engine mounted encosure with other dedicated control equipment. If water, mist or condensation may come in contact with controller, it should be mounted certically. This will allow the fluid to drain away from the speed control unit.

Detail Picture


Speed Control Unit ESD5131
Working Voltage
Output Current
Speed Sensor Signal
0.5-120V RMS
Temperature Range
Ralative Humidity
Speed Range
1K-7.5K HZ
Speed Trim Range
+/-200 HZ

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