POPULACE Generator Cummins Speed Governor 3032733

Brand Name : POPULACE
Model Number :3032733
Place of Origin :  Fujian, China

Warranty  :  13months

Weight :0.85kg

Size :15.5*15.5*5.5cm

Product Description

Diesel Generator Electric Speed Governor 3032733 Speed Controller 30-32733, The Speed Controller 3032733 Electronic Governor For Generators is PID adjustment design. It can instant and accurately reaction to the transient change of the loading then to make the engine speed in stable situation. It can perfectly control the engine speed by connected to the EFC series Electronic Acuator and Speed Sensor.

Detail Picture


Product Name
Diesel Engine Electronic Generator Speed Governor 3032733
Speed stablity
Better than ±0.25%
Speed range
1Khz ~ 6.5Khz
Max ± 0.7%
Idle adjustment
260 ± 20Hz ~ Rated speed 85%
24V DC
Signal of speed sensor
2 ~ 120V RMS

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